We are pleased to offer you these items as we know that your life will truly be blessed by them. Thank you for your support in our ministry. Your gift enables us to keep sounding the alarm that it is high time to follow our Master Y'shua to the Promised Land.

Combo - CD and DVD - $ 20.00

Get the album of 11 songs and 2 music videos together and save. This CD and DVD is meant to inspire you to cling to the God of Israel. Join the many others whose lives have been impacted by this package. Shalom!

Book of Life

Book of Life - CD - $15.00

"If you are headed to the Promised Land then these songs are for you. When the children of Israel crossed over the dry land of the Red Sea they did so with singing and dancing.

Book of Life - DVD - $ 7.00

1 Book of Life
2 Shema