About Promised Land Ministries

The mission of Promised Land Ministries is to preach the gospel of our Lord Y'shua/Jesus to every person. There is no greater news than to learn one's name has been written in the Book of Life. This is the good news we bring. Y'shua fulfills the Torah in our lives as we walk in obedience and faith to his commands. He is the full revelation of the Father through his life of power, love and wisdom. Y'shua is the rock and foundation of Promised Land Ministries. We are not ashamed of his name and proclaim that Y'shua is the only way to the Father.

Promised Land Ministries has been raised up to proclaim that Y'shua is the Messiah of Israel. Y'shua is the King of the Jews and we recognize that one day all of Israel will be saved. The gospel has been preached to those who are afar off and through the saving power of the Son of God we have been grafted in to the commonwealth of Israel. We are no longer strangers to the covenants of promise. This miracle of salvation that has come from Israel is why we are committed to the Jewish roots of our faith. In the context of his life, Y'shua was a Jewish rabbi. He kept the Sabbath. He ate kosher. He kept the feasts of his God. To this end Promised Land Ministries desires to be like the great Rabbi Y'shua. We follow him unshamedly and thus, live in his shalom.

Another priority of ours is to help the poor and support aliyah efforts to return the Jewish people living outside the borders of Israel to their homeland. We have asked the Father to supply us with the necessary means to have our part in His master plan. When it is all said and done we want our names written in the books of those who blessed Israel, the poor and the world with the good news of what the Jewish rabbi Y'shua did for us 2000 years ago.

Our ministries exist in house to house Sabbath gatherings, prayer meetings, torah studies, ministry concerts, music albums, music videos and mission trips. In all things we have been called to lift up the name of Y'shua.


About the founder...

When Michael was born the doctor diagnosed him with bronchial pneumonia, an infection in the lungs where he could not eat and breathe at the same time. As the condition worsened his grandmother prayed for him and vowed to God that if He would heal her grandson then she would dedicate him to His kingdom. He survived!

From that point on Michael was practically raised by his grandmother. Although she loved all her grand kids the same there was an undeniable 'special' bond that Michael had with her. Looking back it is easy to see how her vow was being fulfilled by the hand of God.

Mamaw, as he called her, took him to her church every chance she had. Then one day in February 1992 Michael's life would change forever. During one of the several week-long revival meetings Michael found himself at the altar weeping and repenting of his sins. Mamaw witnessed her grandson have his name written in the lamb’s book of life. "I was instantly a new creation," recalls Michael. He remembers that everything seemed so new to him. Two weeks later the Spirit of God came upon him and Michael new he had been commissioned for ministry. Looking back, Michael says "The power of the Holy Spirit was beautiful, yet frightening, yet so cleansing." It was an unforgettable moment that left him wanting more of God no matter what the cost. The next year was a honeymoon where countless hours were spent reading the bible and praying (sometimes all through the night until morning). There were no more questions as to why the Son of God healed him when he was an infant.

The years that followed were years of preparation for the ministry. Through learning how to listen and follow the leading of the Spirit of God Michael has learned the importance of working with the Holy Spirit. He has also learned how to rightly divide the Word of Truth through understanding the Hebrew culture and context in which the words of life were written. Michael's time of ministry preparation has included serving as worship leader, youth pastor, chaplaincy and evangelistic outreach, not to mention time in prayer and communion with Y'shua. When it was time, in 2000 Y'shua opened Michael's eyes to see him as not only his Savior but as his rabbi. Through this revelation Michael developed an unexplainable love for the city of Jerusalem and the land of Israel. With this anointing and revelation the Holy Scriptures have never been more alive to him. Now his songs and teachings revolve around the Hebraic mindset and God's desire for his children to enter the Promised Land. This journey is what led to the founding of Promised Land Ministries (PLM) in 2008. PLM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Michael serves the Lord with his wife Dorothy and their two children, Jadah and Moshe.